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Charities en Los Planes | Bahía de los Sueños

Albergue is a Childrens shelter located in Los Planes, not far from Bahía de los Sueños. The children range in age from 4 to 17. Many cannot afford to travel from their ranches to school each day so they are housed here at Albergue which provides schooling and care. Albergue shelters as few as 65 children at one time to as many as 84. Some of the children are orphans, some are children from single parents, others are foster kids, some are raised by a relative, and some abused.

Albergue translated into English means shelter, refuge and hostel. The state pays for the shelters electricity, low salaries for their care givers, and supplies them with a roof over their heads, but not much more than that.

Gary Wagner a patron of Mexico visited Albergue close to 5 years ago and the minute he saw the condition he knew that these children needed his help. He left immediately the day of his first visit and drove to La Paz and started filling shopping baskets with pencils, paper, crayons, coloring books, shoes, sandals, sheets, pillows, games, soccer balls and the list goes on. He returned the same day to see joy upon all the children faces and knew that more needed to be done to help the situation.

Gary along with friends have dedicated their time to build new bunk beds in the boys and girls living quarters. He has donated sheets, pillow cases, pillows, blankets, and mattresses to help the children rest easier at night. He has installed new fans and re-did the electrical to help the children stay cool in the summer heat.

Through the years Gary has brought doctors to Albergue for medical checkups and eye exams for the children. Classes have been implemented to help educate the children with personal hygiene. Farming boxes have been built to help them learn about growing vegetables. Gary brings his family and friends to Albergue each time he is in Los Planes. Los Planes is a small town located about a 20 minute outside the Bahía de los Sueños development. They put soccer games together where everyone has a great time, laughs and gets exercise.

New construction has been done to the structures on the property including painting of the walls. Additional items which have been donated include: private lockers, tables, shoes, clothes, chairs, computers, TV sets, new water system, clothing, privacy curtains for the bathrooms and school supplies.

For information on how to make donations please email:

Albergue Childrens Shelter - Los Planes, Mexico
Meeting the children